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Since 2007, Westmount Masonry has been chiseling itself a name in the field of masonry restoration.  Professionalism, craftsmanship, and integrity are the tenants upon which Westmount Masonry has built its foundation.

Our Mission

Westmount Masonry’s goal is to provide a comprehensive range of work that exceeds customer expectations and satisfies their needs with special attention to the execution and methods of construction, scheduling and cost control while maintaining the integrity of your masonry and the safety and protection of the environment.

Our Values

Westmount Masonry makes a personal connection with each customer and delivers confidence and integrity to each project it undertakes.

Comprised of a red seal, unionized masons, the quality of work delivered to each of Westmount Masonry’s project follows the strict guidelines of the rules of the art.

No matter how big or small the job, each of Westmount Masonry clients needs is met with consistency and professionally every time.

Westmount Masonry comes up with innovative solutions which combine traditional construction methods with the most modern and sophisticated techniques.

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